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Tank head configuring machine

The hydraulics dished head configuring machine is developed by our company by the years of experiences in welding and cutting equipment development and manufacturing . by using the common tools compacted with the module on the work-piece . the affusion is make to the module . The pressure can help the realization of the configuration of the dish head .The rubber seal belt is used to pressurize the work -piece . During  the procedure , there is no need to change the module , Adjusting the size of the module according to your expect size will be all right , the hydraulics systems is hanged on the top . The plstform on the top has a guiding slot . where the hydraulics pump can move freely to suit the different sizes of the work-pieces ,the hydraulics plump has mulityply purpose and convenient operation characteristics with powerfull pressure . and its accessories can also be quite easy to purchase .


The Features :

  1. The structure is welding from the steel board which reduce the weight and meet the demand of the space and strength .

  2.  the drive device adopts the hydraulics drive device which feature in stable operation ,simple structure .

  3. the hydraulics drive device is driven by a three phasemotor and some pipe and valves

  4. The principle  of the forklift is used in the transformation systems to increase the efficiency

  5. the heavy load hydraulics machine is easy to operate and accessories are easy to purchase .

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